The Best Gun Scopes for Hunting in the Country

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

As you know, I am deeply in love with my home in Lussac, France for so many reasons. From the scenery to the food it is simply a wonderful place to live. French and Lussac especially has a rich tradition of gourmet and fresh foods, as well as very nice cheese and wines from the valley. Today I want to talk about one of the traditions that we have that maybe you don’t know so well, which is hunting.

Hunting is a wonderful tradition in France, even if it is not as famous as the hunting in America or Russia. We have many different kinds of animals to hunt in the countryside and it is very common for rural people to go to the hunting club and get a rifle to kill the evening’s supper. Yes, in France we have hunting clubs where the weapons are stored instead of keeping them in our homes. It is much safer this way.

We hunt many animals, but the most common is the wild boar, which has been the centerpiece of feasting since the medieval times. It is also very common to hunt a smaller animal like a rabbit for stew, or pheasant for roasting. There are many deer in the countryside, but some of them are protected by law and it is not a good idea to hunt them unless you are a local and can tell the herds apart.

It is simple to enjoy hunting here if you are traveling, and I do recommend it to people who are renting a cottage and will be preparing their own food while they are in the Lussac area.

It is very important to buy and to bring scopes for hunting in the countryside because in France it is considered unsafe to shoot without having an exact view of your target. You should buy them outside of the country if you may, though, because prices are very high here. You will not be able to make very many choices in which rifle you acquire here because it will depend on the hunting club you visit and in any case it is not like going to an American gun shop. There are simply much fewer options here and in the end the biggest factor that will impact your hunting experience is the scope you use when you set out.

As I have travelled much in my life, I have had some experience in using many different scopes. It is not surprising to me that the Americans, who hunt so much, have developed the ones that I would consider the best in the world. I personally own a Leupold scope, and I encourage all my fellow hunters to purchase the same. The glass is very clear and they are the only scopes I have ever seen that will outlive the hunters who use them! If you should buy one for a trip and you somehow manage to damage it, they will replace it for free.

I have found that the best rifle scopes for beginners are very simple fixed magnification ones that will serve anyone very well. After all, this is not a safari or anything too intense. It is relaxing countryside hunting that is meant to be as much a pleasure as the food that comes at the end of a successful venture. You will be best served with a small Leupold fixed scope that is easy to take on and off a rifle from a hunting club so that you may bring it on all your trips where hunting will be an option.

If you are traveling from America or another country where hunting is more loosely regulated than France, it is a good idea to bring licenses that will demonstrate you are responsible and have been hunting for some time. It is possible to rent rifles without a license from abroad, but you will be expected to take an examination and this can be difficult for people who do not understand the particulars of the French way.

Next time you are in the area, I hope to see you out hunting in the countryside! Bonne chance!