How to Enjoy the French Countryside

France is one of the best travel destinations, the world-over. It attracts an impressive eighty-million visitors, yearly. There are numerous reasons why an individual enjoys visiting France. Some of the reasons include the majestic mountain regions, the French cheese and the charming characteristics of the local people. When wishing to holiday in France, it is not at all difficult to take in the French countryside, enjoying all that it has to offer.


When taking in the French countryside, the visitor will wish to appreciate the country’s Alpine regions, such as Mont Blanc, and the cliffs by the seaside of the Atlantic. It is important that the person wishing to make inroads, in enjoyment of the French countryside, to appreciate the region’s perfect wines and, correspondingly, delightful variety of cheeses. A good cheese to try out is the French Petit Swiss of Gervais. The cheese is also known by the words: little Swiss cheese. This product originates from the area of Normandy, France, and, ironically, is not a product of Switzerland. The countryside– to the amazement of the visitor—has approximately 400 samplings of good cheese. So, undoubtedly, purchasing French cheese, is a given, when visiting any portion of the French countryside.



Wine is another popular product, associated with the region. The country is known to produce four-hundred, fifty different brands of wine. All of the wine, mentioned, is inside the borders of the country. Not surprising, the country, as well, is a producer of the majority of libations, within the world. Such popular libations, as Cognac, are produced in France. So: with respect to the French countryside, a visitor may wish to stop off and visit one of France’s wine regions. He or she is certainly smart, too, in sampling one the nation’s delicious cheese specialties, such as the one indicated within the above text. Persons who are possessed in taking in a libation or two, will wish to stop by a delightful local country pub; and ask for the house specialty. Regardless, the French, too, regionally, possess distinctive cultures. So persons seeking to enjoy countryside settings, in France, will notice this style transformation, traveling from region-to-region.


France, too, is known world-wide for its delightful lavender. The person visiting the region of France will wish to find a field of lavender and take in the beautiful scent of it. The scenery of the French countryside presents as sensational: it really is quite scenic. France is the largest nation in the Western portion of the continent of Europe. The visitor is advised to take in the lush plains of France, along with its towering mountain peaks, and gorgeous coastal areas. Since the French countryside is so lush, it is the leading Western European exporter of Food products.



The countryside of France is comprised of endless plains. In fact, the visitor will find no issues in enjoying its beauty: more than fifty percent of the nation is comprised of countryside. The nation can provide the visitor, too, with Western Europe’s highest mountain peak, which is located in the Alps in Southern France. A visit to Mont Blanc is suggested.

The borders of the nation include the Atlantic Ocean—Bay of Biscay; La Manche, which is also known as the English Channel. It is located between the tiny country of Belgium, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea.

Since there are so many unique areas in France, it is suggested that the visitor read up on various areas, first, and then make the decision which areas, afford him or her, with the greatest learning opportunity in way of culture and overall beauty. Whatever the visitor decides, he or she is not likely to make a poor decision, since nearly every area of France provides a great deal in the way of splendor and unique, historic landmarks.

The best way to find out about the nation—regionally, is to purchase a travel guide. Read about each region and what specific sites are relative to that area. The prospective traveler, in doing so, will be able to determine what historic landmarks are located, within the countryside, he or she plans to visit, what restaurants are nearby; and what recreational opportunities are pertinent.

Further, in order to enjoy the French countryside, completely, the visitor may wish to take in the sights and activities of more than one unique venue. Take hunting with the best rifle scope as an example. In other words, it is not difficult to enjoy the French countryside. It is just a matter of reading up on each and every unique countryside destination, and then planning the day, accordingly.